We Are All Beautiful!

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I get a great deal of submissions everyday and I apologise if sometimes I may take a while to post them up. Just bare with me and be patient as each and every submission is eventually posted.

This Tumblr is dedicated to your Personal perception of beauty.

• The beauty you see in yourself.


• The beauty you see in other people you find yourself attracted to.

The media has pushed us all into believing that we must either be of a certain race, shape, height or weight in order to be categorised as beautiful yet I thoroughly believe that " beauty is without a doubt in the eye of the beholder.. " No one has the right to judge let alone dictate what is beautiful because beauty is all around us and by creating this tumblr I've come to realise this a great deal more than ever before. There are so many beautiful people out there inside and out, who just need to really learn to be confident in their own skin and not feel like they have to dress a certain way or change in order to please others. That’s why I hope that by allowing my fellow followers to submit pictures of either themselves or who they personally find beautiful is somewhat a great step forward in hopefully making everyone realise the uniqueness and individual diversity of beauty regarding each and every person.

I also want to thank all of my followers for making this Tumblr possible. x